Surrey365; Day 74. Frog in duckweed.

The pond is covered in duckweed at the moment – filtering it out by hand is a hugely fiddly and time-consuming business, as you have to scoop it out by the handful and then remove all the tadpoles/nymphs/miscellaneous water creatures and return them to the pond. However much you remove, the remainder just spreads out to fill the gaps. It’s a Sysiphean task. The frogs don’t seem to mind at all, though; the pond is full of them, and every time you sit by the pond or disturb the vegetation, there’s a little explosions of splashes as frogs from large to tiny erupt from their hiding places. This one was happily sitting in the middle of the pond. Maybe he thinks the duckweed camouflages him? πŸ˜€


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