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I started this blog back in 2011, wanting to share my learning and appreciation of the nature I saw around me in the corner of south west Surrey where I’m based. I’ve neglected the blog in recent years, but I still take lots of pictures because that urge to record moments of beauty has never left me. At the end of 2019 I bought a van, which I’m slowly converting into a habitable space, and a recumbent e-trike, the combination of which (since I can’t walk all that far) has opened up new horizons and possibilities for adventures and photography.

So here I am again, deliberately focusing on my wonder at the natural world in the midst of this current  Covid-induced shitstorm. I’m still at the very amateur end of both photography and naturalism, but this is my reminder, which I’d like to share with you, that even when the world seems incomprehensible/ depressing/ terrifying… there is still so much beauty out there when we take the time to look.

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  1. Beautiful nature photos!!
    And indeed, the visitor will get now Sky high, thanks Skyfall. I saw the pictures on MI6. It reminds me of 1977 when I was in the Dutch town of Deventer (near Arnhem). I made a documentary (making of) on the famous war film A Bridge Too Far. The wood sellers in Deventer did brisk business. Great time.
    Have fun!
    Charles, Netherlands.

    • Thanks for your comment Charles, and for the appreciation of my nature photos. It’s addictive stuff, this film-making, isn’t it – I’ll be sorry when the shoot is over and the structures are gone. Your documentary sounds very interesting!

  2. Many thanks for the photos of the Skyfall Lodge. It’s been a great insight into the filming business. I know you’re probably a little annoyed that it’s mainly the “Bond Set” that a great many are logging onto your site for – but please be assured that it’s greatly appreciated. Once again – many thanks (looking forward to the filming and explosions – if you can possibly manage it)!

    • Hi Bob, thank you for your comment. I’m not annoyed really; it’s been fun covering the Skyfall stuff and at least people have been looking at a few of my other posts too! I’m glad you’re enjoying it – I’ll certainly be trying to get some shots of the filming.

  3. Thanks so much for the photographs of the SKYFALL set in Surrey, England. Great photographs and your photos of nature are absolutely beautiful. I have added some of your photographs to my Secret_007 Yahoo Group to share them with my members who are James Bond movie fans. I have given you full credit in the description of each photograph that is yours in the SKYFALL (2012) Photo Album page. The more behind-the-scene photographs I see, the more I believe this movie is going to be action-packed and sensational. Sounds like it might be emotionally-driven too.

  4. Thanks for your beautiful picture. Skyfall is the best way to bring attention to the beautiful area where you live. Every nature photographer teach us a bit more sense and love for the remarkable planet we live on. (I hope my english is readable.)
    Yes, fimmaken is mighty fine job. It is extremely interesting to see how 600 people (in number over a hundred different occupations) temporary (two or three years) come together in collectively to make a movie. I understand that you and your daughter are also on the credits list of Skyfall …
    The attention to detail (‘grass sprouting’) is really insane, but we love it!
    Thank you for the story and beautiful photo work. Excellent composition!
    Charles, Netherlands.

  5. hi there, a big thumbs up for the great pictures and everything here on this site. it’s very interresting, especially for the BOND fans. a lot of great views here, that’s pretty cool !! all the best from germany and have a lot of fun on the set 🙂 take care, stefan

  6. Thanks for all the Skyfall updates, the set is looking amazing.

    I’d love to use some of your photos on my site if I may, and obviously will full credit and link to your blog if you agree.

    All the best,


  7. All of us in the James Bond fan community are deeply in your debt for the phenomenal job you’ve been doing documenting the preparations for filming a critical sequence in Skyfall. There have been numerous comments about the wonderful photography and your great sense of humor. In addition, you should also know that not a few of us have been taken with your nature photographs as well and will drop in from time to time to appreciate those also. Many thanks for all you’ve done!

  8. Lucy, well done! I can appreciate the amount of time and effort taken to set up the blog even though I know it gets easier as time goes by. However, your real coup is in the wonderful pictures you have taken. I still think you have a career as a tabloid columnist – your prose is always interesting too. Keep up the good work. The family is very proud of you. J xx

  9. Hi, have you managed to find out how long they are planning on filming there (and when do the fireworks start??) – once again- thanks very much for providing us with this valuable insight into the making of this film. Yours sincerely Bob

  10. So sorry to read this happened to you! EON can be very ruthless at times. Will you still be going -to observe it for yourself (I have read that “the action” will happen this weekend (dependant on the weather!) Once agin – thanks for all the updates. Bob

  11. Hi again Bob, thanks for the comment. I enjoyed watching what they were filming yesterday, but in my head I was composing how I’d describe it for you all! Knowing I can’t do that spoils it rather. Unfortunately I can’t confirm whether they are blowing up the house tonight…

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  13. Hello, I’m a huge Bond fan and your photos have been amazing and I have thoroughly enjoyed your updates of the set. The set designers work is breathtaking! Sorry about you getting into trouble, you did a great job! Though it would appear some people want you to retire from being a spy! Andrew

  14. I’m sure you understand that EON Productions wants to protect their actors and crew. They really want to keep the story of the film a secret and your wonderful photographs sure did divulge alot of information they didn’t want the public to know yet. Continuing to come back to the site probably made you look suspicious. As a James Bond fan, I am glad you were there and able to take the photographs and videos you have. A zoom lense is always nice to have. After the movie is released, I’m sure it would not be a problem for you to upload more of your own photographs of the set on your blog. They probably don’t want you to take pictures of the filming anymore. They do have an official photographer of their own who is making a behind-the-scenes book of the movie, Skyfall (2012) as they did with Casino Royale (2006) and Quantum of Solace (2008). Thank you and a big hug from me. Thanks for allowing me to add some of your photos and video to my Secret_007 Yahoo Group. (Secretly, I wonder if you’re available for Bond 24 (2014), Hee-Hee).

    • Thank you. I also understand completely why Eon are annoyed by what’s happened. But the more I think about it, the more I feel that if there was top secret stuff occurring at Hankley, then they should have put in place the security to make that plain. If I was not supposed to take photographs, then Eon should have made sure that there was someone there to let me know that! If you allow full public access to a site, and don’t put in place measures to let people know that they shouldn’t take photos or chat about plot stuff, then you REALLY shouldn’t take it out on your site crew when people get that information. I think there needs to be much clearer communication between Eon and their construction and security crews.

  15. Very well said foraging photographer. Don’t feel guilty one bit about taking those photographs. I think your photos here and videos on YouTube is going to be good free advertising for SKYFALL (2012). You certainly got people raising an eyebrow.

    • I agree with you James, but unfortunately EON don’t seem to agree. I can understand them wanting to control publicity, really I can, but I also think that it’s inevitable that things will get out. It’s a complex ethical question for me!! Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Regards, Lucy

  16. Greetings LX.
    Just a quick note to say how much your photos and blog are appreciated. Thank you! You also seem to have a great attitude and sense of humour regarding your recent “admonishment” at the location site. Carry on! Looking forward to following your work in the future.
    All the best,

  17. Hi, Lucy. I’m sorry you had such an upsetting experience, but I’m relieved you weren’t actually charged with anything. (A number of us would have helped set up your legal defense fund!) They certainly overreacted, as I’m sure that, had they asked you not to photograph or comment on anything in particular, you would have honored their request. Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much your reports have been appreciated. And the photos of the fungi are lovely.

  18. Hello Lucy. I love your whole blog and all your nature pictures. Girl you are good at this!!! Thanks for tea xxxx

  19. Hi Lucy, hope you’re well? Have you seen the huge crane next to the lodge – if so, can you tell what they are using it for (I’m wondering whether it’s for some shots of the initial attack on the lodge?) All the best Bob

    • Bob I’m sorry but I’ve no idea what’s going on at Hankley – I’ve been steering clear for reasons stated in my latest post. Other members of the public been in touch this week to tell me what they’ve been told whilst at Hankley though; apparently there’ll be a fake helicopter smashing through the hole in the wall on Saturday, probably around 8pm. Maybe that’s what the crane’s for? Let me know how it goes!!

  20. Hi there, just came across your blog whilst googling Bond at Thursley! I’m so sorry to hear of your ‘threats’ over the last week; people have threatened me and my camera in the past (nothing to do with film crews!) and its unnerving. The chap should turn his frustration on its head and utilise your images to their advantage not threaten you. Anyway, lovely to see a great very local photography blog and I really love your name – foraging photographer! Will add you to my twitter feed…..Best wishes, Beth.

    • Hi Beth, thanks for that. It’s all been a bit unexpected. In retrospect, I should have been a lot more careful, but I had no idea what a pandora’s box I was opening.
      Wow your photos are amazing!
      Best wishes,

  21. So glad this business has been sorted out for your piece of mind and can completely understand your decision to not include any more juicy Bond info (though thanks very much for every word and picture) I will certainly carry on looking at your nature blogs – as they are very informative. On behalf of myself and all concerned Bond fans – thanks for everything, Lucy, and am sorry that you went through this awful (and obviously very woirrying) ordeal. All the best Bob x

  22. Hello Foraging Photographer,

    I have been following your escapades of Skyfall with relish and I’m glad that you’re still with us and not locked up in the Tower of London. I, myself, have been a Bond fan since 1962 and I can only say I am envious of your situation. The people at Eon Productions are generally nice and, although very secret, Skyfall just got some very big and free promotion without spending any of their PR budget. I’m sure there are a few people who have told you that you are in deep trouble, but unless the building of the set was shut to the general public and ‘NO TRESPASSING’ signs posted in all the right areas, you are in your rights to photograph anything you want. Personally I think they were hoping that people, such as yourself, would take some photos and post them on the Net. It saves them a ton of money paying the press to come out and spend an entire day or two. Keep up the good work if you’re still willing and just to let you know, that stag that is on the front gate, is very much the same style stag that is seen at the beginning of Thunderball (1965) where Bond flies over with his jet pack. If you have a DVD copy of the film you can see it as Connery is being shot at by SPECTRE agents on the French chateau. All the best.

    Dr. Shatterhand

    • Hi Dr Shatterhand, I’m glad I’m not locked up in the Tower of London too! Very interesting about the stag – I had heard that it’s a reference to a past Bond film. I’m still amazed at how they transformed it from a brown plastic deer to a magnificent bronze stag in the space of a week. I’m very glad you’ve enjoyed my Skyfall coverage. I feel I must bow out of it now though, unfortunately. I’m tempted to go tomorrow when I think they’re going to film the explosion, but I don’t feel very comfortable at Hankley at the moment. I’ve certainly learned a lot about military byelaws and photographers’ rights!

  23. Your action the past two weeks has a major impact on the MI6 website 😉 Since last week they put “spoilers” behind a button called “Click to reveal.” They have apparently become more cautious.

  24. Hi Lucy, the whole “SF” business is obviously coming to a close (as far as Hankley is concerned) from the evidence of photographs which have been posted today. Hope it didn’t scare the wildlife too much!! It has been a pleasure being in touch with you, via this lovely blog – and I will certainly be keeping my eye on “natural” developments throughout the year. Have a peaceful rest of the year – all the very best Bob x

    • I’ve seen the pictures Bob – very dramatic indeed! I hope the wildlife wasn’t to affeted either, especially as the skylarks must be building their nests on the ground at the moment. Thanks for your lovely comments, do keep in touch! Best wishes, Lucy

  25. Lovely blog.. love your pictures!! I would be happy to pass on my Nikon D80 if you’d be so willing to accept it and make use of it. Cheers!

  26. Hi, Lucy. Your photos are wonderful. You’re not going to believe this, but CBn quotes a blogger who was walking the dog on Callis Beach in Turkey over the weekeng and found construction in progress on what appeared to be a movie location. He/she approached a worker and was told that it was building work for (you guessed it!) Skyfall. You haven’t been visiting Turkey by any chance, have you? Best regards!

  27. lol Bob – you’ve discovered my secret holiday destination! Dog walkers always seem to be the ones discovering things. The site at Hankley is almost cleared away now – just the scaffolding skeleton of the lodge left.
    I’m glad you’re still enjoying my photos. I’m having trouble uploading pictures to the blog at the moment but hopefully will be able to sort it out.
    Regards, Lucy

  28. Hi Lucy,

    BBC Surrey Breakfast Show was hoping to interview you about your Bond pictures. We sent you a tweet today. I assume you have access to my e-mail once I’ve posted this, so if you could drop us a line that would be great. Alternatively, you can reach us via twitter (@BBCSurrey). Thanks very much!

  29. ..mediocre photography? far from it! its perfectly taken…even if it is done on a compact camera….i sometimes use a ricoh grd digital…very handy to carry but produces great results….on the whole tho, i tend to use film!

    • What a kind comment, thank you! 🙂 The advantage I find with digital is that I can take unlimited numbers of photographs, try different settings etc without worrying about the cost of film developing. At the more skilled end of photography I think you get better results with film though.

  30. Good evening-

    Fantastic photos! Our production company has a few questions about Hankley Common should you be willing to help us out. Please contact me directly through email. Thank you!


  31. Hi! I lost interest in Bond after Sean Connery and later Roger Moore left the series. I have heard that Skyfall is supposed to be a great movie. In any case, I like your Fungi photos and look forward to more 🙂

  32. Hi
    Good news! I have nominated you for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award because of all that you have done so far. See my latest posting for the details of this award.
    Best wishes

  33. Lucy hi

    Are you the person who took the video sequences during the ‘Bond Ancestral Home’ rehearsal filming showing the AW101 helicopter. A company I do some work for are interested in obtaining the footage and the rights to use it.

    I have tried to contact you via your Youtube channel without success. Could you email me at nigel@richproductions.co.uk and let me know if you’d be interested in helping.

    Many thanks – Nigel

  34. Greetings from Australia,
    I used to live and work in Chertsey and the surrounding towns of Surrey. It was an absolute beautiful experience. Photograph what you’re passionate about and inspiration will follow.
    God bless

      • Surrey is gorgeous, but then again I’ve always loved experiencing the culture of the country I’m visiting. I’m not to keen on London. I used to work at St. Peters’ Hospital and drove around to people’s houses. Sundays I used to attend church with my close friend at St. Annes and then have lunch at this great pub by the Thames. How could one not love Surrey. 🙂

  35. This looks a blog I’ll enjoy, esp as I was dragged up in your area – oh look, there’s St Martha’s! And oddly, I recently posted some of those pesky parakeets as well. Tick for the ‘Follow’ button. RH

  36. Hi theforagingphotographer

    could you put on the map the exact locationof Skyfall Lodge ? Thank You a lot!

    • The grid references are as follows:
      For where the entrance was… 6 figure ref: SU883410; 12 figure ref: 488349,141097
      For the site of the Lodge… 6 figure ref: SU883405; 12 figure ref: 488396,14055
      For the site of the chapel … 6 figure ref: SU886401 12 figure ref: 488608,140111

      Hope that helps. I’m afraid you’ll find a distinct lack of mountains and a loch though – those were added in post-processing! 😀

  37. Hi Lucy,

    I love your photographs and wondered if you could offer me some advice?

    I am shooting a short film that we completed principle photography on in Black Park, Bucks. We are looking for an ‘Epic’ view down onto a forest (ideally coniferous!) from a vantage point, but we do not have the money to travel to Wales or Scotland for the shot. Its the opening shot of our film, so we would love it to be as epic as possible, but within the south of England? (We are London based).

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    Alex Reid

    • Hi Alex,

      Bourne Wood near Farnham might fit the bill – if you google Bourne Wood Gladiator and look at images, you’ll see where they shot the opening scenes of Gladiator. It’s coniferous. I’d also suggest you check out Hankley which has areas of coniferous woodland and some pretty epic views (imho). Frensham little pond, possibly – they recently shot Snow White and the Huntsmen there.

      I’d suggest you take a day trip down to gorgeous Surrey and visit those three, for starters. 😉


  38. Lucy! I’ve tried to find a spot where I can subscribe to your posts via email (so that I don’t miss them through my reader) and have been unable to find that option. :-/ Looks life I’ve missed a few in the interim.

    • The grid references are as follows:
      For where the entrance was… 6 figure ref: SU883410; 12 figure ref: 488349,141097
      For the site of the Lodge… 6 figure ref: SU883405; 12 figure ref: 488396,14055
      For the site of the chapel … 6 figure ref: SU886401 12 figure ref: 488608,140111

      Hope that helps. I’m afraid you’ll find a distinct lack of mountains and a loch though – those were added in post-processing!

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  40. Hello,

    My name is Michelle Lee, and I was wondering if I could obtain your permission to reproduce your photograph titled “Smooth snake scales” in a book to be published. May I please have your email address to send you detailed information about the title and publisher?

    Thank you!



  41. They’ve sold a couple of sets. The last one went for about £45. I thought I recognised the images, but it’s been a while since I read your blog. Put two and two together this afternoon…… Wondered what scared off my local pipistrelles, must have been you they heard.

  42. You’re very kind – thank you. It’s reassuring that they left the site virtually as it was. And the set was beautifully crafted. I’m a professional ophiologist and would love to return the favour, so if you have any queries regarding our native herps, please let me know. I specialise in vipers and elapids and especially our own V.berus. By the way, I have reported the listing.

    • You’re most welcome! I have a particular love of reptiles, especially snakes, as you may have gathered from my blog. I have a royal python who’s lived with me for 23 years and counting. I wouldn’t choose to keep on in captivity now but… oh the folly of youth! 😉
      I’ve had a look around your site and you have some amazing photos, especially of adders. Beautiful!

  43. Wonderful photographs. I really enjoy the works of great photographers that practice a very different type of photography than i do. I’m now going to continue to look around some more and I’m sure I’ll see much more to like.

    • Hi RH, thanks for asking after me! It’s been a bit of a perfect storm with the blogging really… my camera is barely functioning, that’s the main thing (starts recording video every time I try to zoom, plus issues with the lense), coupled with a fair few months where I just didn’t have time for the blogosphere. I seem to have just got out of the habit of it and it feels like I still don’t have time, but I think I just need to rejig my priorities a bit. I shall attempt a post at the weekend! 🙂

  44. Could I please use your title picture (the sky, heather and trees) for a publicity image for mindfulness classes I am running at Cranleigh Arts Centre? I think the image is great, and it is meaningful for me, in terms of the inspiration I also get from wandering the countryside. I would of course credit you.

    Many thanks
    Paul Jeffrey

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you like the picture. I’m not ignoring your request, just giving it some thought. I do usually let people use my photos, but I see that your courses are almost £200, so I must admit I’m debating whether to give you a free publicity shot! Let me think on it for a couple of days, if that’s ok with you, and I’ll get back to you.

  45. Hello there, I am just completing a book on rewilding, called Rebirding, you can read more at http://www.ben-macdonald.co.uk. I would be delighted to use your image as follows in my book, to illustrate hazel coppice, an important habitat for the vanishing marsh tit. Please let me know if this might be possible. Thank you.

  46. Hello there! We are a little museum from Germany, to be exact a museum about rainforest ecology, and we found your blog searching for pictures to use in our new exhibition. We wanted to ask you whether there is any opportunity for us to use one of your pictures (we are interested in this: https://theforagingphotographer.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/pixie-cups-and-deceivers/) and under which conditions we could use it. If It’s possible, please contact us as soon as possible! We would be very happy about it…

  47. I love your blog 🙂 I was wondering how best to get in touch as I work for a new app called Candide, and I really need people like you to write content. Your writing style and photos are perfect. Pleased get in touch if you might be interested. We’re based in Bristol but the app has been launched across the whole of the UK (and South Africa).

    Really looking forward to hearing from you, Helen

  48. Just wanted to say Thank You for your video of the dragonfly metamorphosis. Brilliant and lovely to hear your daughter in the background.
    I hope I have got the right person !

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