Surrey365; Day 73. Comedy spider.

This Crab Spider, Misumena vatia, is a pretty amazing little critter. Predominantly white, they often have a stripe or blotch of a certain colour, and will seek out a flower of that colour to camouflage themselves in. Failing that, they can actually change colour to match their surroundings. They don’t spin a web, but instead crouch in wait for an unsuspecting insect to land on their flower, whereupon they pounce. This one isn’t all that well camouflaged, really; it only has little pink/purple splotches to match the corncockle. It looks quite hilarious, though, with its yellow eyeshadow and a body that looks like someone’s blown it up like a balloon. It struck some very impressive poses as I tried to get close to it for a photograph; its four pairs of eyes are certainly effective at perceiving movement.


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