Surrey365; Day 99. Estival the Solstice Bat.

I have a new arrival; a little pipistrelle pup, found nestling in a pile of clothes in a bedroom. It’s the estival (meaning summer) solstice today, so I’ve called him Estival. 🙂 His mother flew into the house through a window on Sunday night, and was flying around for quite a while before the householder could usher her out of a window. It’s probable that Estival lost his grip on her and fell off when she was trying to escape. It’s incredible that such a tiny baby could survive without nourishment for that long, and that he didn’t get squashed or injured before being found. Hand rearing baby bats is a very tricky business, and they often don’t thrive. He’s been lucky so far, though (apart from losing mum in the first place!), so fingers crossed that he hangs on. He was very thirsty, that’s for sure.

Here’s a video of him…

And here are a few pics. The 10p coin is for scale. 🙂

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Surrey365; Day 98. Green Lacewing.

This is the first lacewing I’ve ever seen in the garden, so I was quite excited. There are plenty of aphids for the lacewing larvae to feast on, so this voracious little predator is very welcome. The stained glass window effect of the lacy wings reminds me of teneral dragonflies.



Surrey365; Day 97. Comma on a poppy leaf.