Springwatch (sort of) over here…

I know I hardly ever blog any more (lack of time and camera equipment), but I do still take photos from time to time and mean to post them here. I thought of blogging earlier today (when I looked at pics from last month, more of which below), but especially when I looked at the tv guide and saw that the BBC are doing a Springwatch special tonight: Charles in The Netherlands, it made me think of you! I know you love Spring (and Autumn) Watch, so I hope that this draws your attention to it and gives a little Spring blog from the UK too.

Today I looked again at these photos I took recently of a heron visiting our little garden pond. I love the dozens of frogs who occupy the pond in the mating season, churning up the surface with their madly amorous goings-on. I love the fact that a third or more of the pond is filled with frogspawn each year.

So I’m a little conflicted when I also love seeing a predator use our garden; the heron, a snake-like (I love snakes) master hunter who plucked the frog out and carried it off. I did cringe and mourn the loss of the wee frog, but I figure that the heron has chicks to feed too, and I’m grateful that my garden is a little ecosystem.

Speaking of predators… in the last few months I have seen Red Kites regularly over my home area (and other local areas). Nice to see that this beautiful bird’s range is extending into South Surrey.

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Sunset over Frensham Little Pond

Argy bargy in the garden

Occasionally a heron lands on a nearby roof (always the same roof) and has a good old look around… especially at our garden pond.


On this occasion, the crows didn’t take too kindly to the company, and one of them started dive-bombing him.



It reached a bit of crescendo and the heron was getting quite alarmed.


I dashed up to the loft to try to get a better vantage point, but it would seem from the white streak that their mobbing had done the trick in scaring him.  Poor old Mr Heron flew off and left the roof to the corvids.





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