Bloody immigrants; coming over here and pollinating our plants…


Since I read that BWARS is mapping the spread of the migrant Ivy Bee, Colletes hederae, I’ve been hoping to see them in the garden. We have plenty of ivy, which is currently in full flower. Yesterday, in the sunshine, it was covered in insects. Amongst the many hover flies and wasps collecting the late season pollen, there were lots of Ivy Bees. I couldn’t get close enough to get really clear shots, as the ivy flowers were quite high up, but here they are.🙂

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Angel wings and flaming colours

A week or two ago I went to Winkworth Arboretum in the early morning to take some pictures. The autumn is only just getting going, so there are only hints of the blazing colours I’m looking forward to. The low sun was hitting these young trees, though, as though it had ignited them, and they provided a lovely backdrop for these geese grazing on the white-dewed grass.




Video of Southern Hawker laying eggs.

Here’s the female Hawker again. A close-up of her amazing eyes and colours, and a video of her laying eggs around our pond. You can see her injecting them into the moss with her ovipositor.