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Some more from Thursley.


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A very blue-green lizard!

a normal coloured lizard

One of my favourite places to walk is Thursley NNR (national nature reserve); I’ve posted many photographs on this blog that were taken there. The attraction is the fantastic range of wildlife to be seen there, and the rare wet heathland (mire) landscape; you can walk through this on boardwalks, allowing you to enjoy the acidic pools and unique flora and fauna whilst keeping your feet dry. The warmth of the wooden boardwalks is the ideal environment for the common lizards which thrive at Thursley, and they can be seen in huge numbers, basking in any bit of sunshine or just soaking up the warmer temperature of the boards. There is a lot of variability of colour and markings in common lizards, and most of them are a fairly dull brown. Sometimes, though, you get some brighter colours, and the one I saw yesterday was a particularly spectacular shade of blue-green. It was a dull day, so I don’t think the photos really do her justice, but she was very beautiful, and due to the chilly day making her sluggish, I was able to get quite up close and personal to take some photos.🙂

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Sky on fire.

Astonishing sunset last night; as though someone had set fire to the sky.









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