#30DaysWild; Waggoners Wells.

I’d given up on posting every day for #30DaysWild – just wasn’t feeling in the right frame of mind for blogging – but I took these yesterday and thought I’d share. This was at Waggoners Wells near Hindhead, where a heron was looking particularly photogenic amongst the waterlillies and yellow flag irises.


#30DaysWild Day 9. Cheeky Sparrows.

#30DaysWild Day 8. Berta the BLE.

Another batty one for today!

A BLE (brown long eared) bat today, the call coming from the sister practice of the vets we take our numpty dog to. This girl (provisionally named Bertie by the vets, so on finding that she’s a she, I’ve renamed her Berta, especially considering that we have a Bertie currently in care) was found clinging to a twig in a vulnerable position on the Ash Ranges. Often, long eared bats are very timid, and prone to something called fright paralysis, where they play dead and refuse to drink, eat or respond in any way. Berta had already been given a drink by the vet, and was very lively from the off when I examined her. She has no visible injuries, and she was surprisingly not playing dead – she preferred to alternate playing dead with sudden and unpredictable dashes for freedom. 😉 She’s underweight at 5.1g, but hopefully she’ll pick up after food and drink.

Bertie the Pip is doing pretty well (fingers crossed). I drained his abscess with a sterile needle (stop reading NOW if you are squeamish/ don’t like graphic biological descriptions…) and found that the contents were gelatinous rather than liquid. I expressed and disinfected that, but had to make a larger hole than I was happy with in order to get it all out (bleaurgh!!). It re-filled very quickly, and I’m loathe to drain it again as I know I’ll be making more holes in the wing membrane. I think I’ll probably have to do it, but I’m not looking forward to it, that’s for sure. At least he’s eating well and has gained weight – 4.3g now: what a difference from the starving wee beastie that came in to me!