#30DaysWild Day 7. Feeding just the blackbirds (with difficulty).

I’ve been putting live mealworms out for the blackbirds, as they are feeding chicks yet again (third try this season – first one predated, second one fledged but youngster caught by neighbour’s cat, this nest exposed by neighbour cutting their hedge), but the sparrows are coming en masse for the mealworms as well. I’d love to feed them all, but there are so many sparrows, and I’ve been replenishing the mealworms so often that I’ve nearly run out and have to conserve the remaining ones for the bat until I’ve ordered and ‘gut-loaded’ (fed them food with certain nutrients in) some new ones. So this evening I put some out, but sat out there so that I could discourage the sparrows whilst letting the blackbird pair come and take their fill. The sparrows are very cheeky and very bright, though, and swiftly worked out that if they come down with the blackbirds, then I can’t shoo them away. I like this picture because it shows Mrs Blackbird with her beak full of mealies, with Mr Sparrow lurking at the edge of the pic.


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