Bat Appreciation Day

Apparently it’s Bat Appreciation Day (thanks for telling me, Mum!), so here’s a batty post. I released Nipper the BLE last night, who’s been with me all winter. He was handed in to a vets in Ewhurst and they weren’t sure exactly where he’d been found, so I decided to release him at the idyllic spot where Beryl and Boris were released last year; it’s a known BLE roost in perfect habitat. He was so quick off the mark (he actually wriggled out of my hand before I’d even managed to get out of the car!!) that I didn’t get a video or anything. Instead, here’s a picture of him taking a little breather on the curtain rail during flight practice last week. 😄

3 thoughts on “Bat Appreciation Day

  1. He really is very cute. I hope he’s settling in to being free and single. Mating season must be around now?

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