Garden Visitor!

This handsome fella landed in the middle of the lawn today and strolled casually over to our little pond. He took up position on the beams that run along one side and waited patiently for around twenty minutes until the frogs started coming out of hiding. I was a bit torn, as I am very fond of my frogs, but herons have to eat too and they are magnificent birds. The first one he missed. The second one he got.

After he’d eaten it, he rummaged around in the weeds and came up with another. He wasn’t so sure about that one, though, and ended up flying off without eating it. When I went to investigate, the frog had obviously been dead a while – sometimes a ball of overenthusiastic males will drown the poor female in their attempts to mate with her – and therefore wasn’t as palatable as a live one. I’m glad he doesn’t visit every day, but what a sight to see in your garden!


3 thoughts on “Garden Visitor!

  1. Beautiful heron, what an honour!
    Oh, but those poor froggie girls. Being mass raped and drowned in the process… :/

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