#Project365. The End!

So that’s it – I’ve (sort of!) done the Project365. I didn’t manage a photo every day, but I’ve hopefully averaged at least every other day overall. It was a really positive project to do, because it made me look out for the beauty, for that interesting detail that would make me want to grab the camera. I decided to do it to re-ignite my interest in photography when I was feeling pretty low after a long winter. As I finish, it’s almost (it felt quite springlike out there until the snow today!) the end of another winter, and it’s been another long one for me. Still, the signs of spring are all there… crocuses, daffs, hellebores and pulmonaria are all in flower, the robins have paired up, and we have lots of frogspawn which is currently sitting in a large bucket in the porch, after we scooped most of it out of the pond yesterday to avoid it being frozen and ruined today (they’d spawned very shallowly this year – almost out of the water). So, the days are lengthening, the light is returning and nature is waking up. Spring is almost here. 🙂

Here are my favourite pictures from the past year. Happy Spring (not Happy St Patrick’s Day, because apparently he wasn’t a fan of snakes, so he doesn’t get my vote… 😉 ).


7 thoughts on “#Project365. The End!

  1. You really are a fantastic photographer Lucy. These selected images, seen together just blow me away. i can see them as framed pictures, as posters, greetings cards, teacloths, oh, just about anything. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your day to day experiences with us. Love ya girlfriend! F xxx

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