#Project365; Day 358. Another bat!

Another new arrival. I was dispatched by Steve today to a call in my area; a bat had been found in a child’s play table – the sort you put sand and water in. It wasn’t in use, and had accumulated a few inches depth of rainwater; it was there that the finders had discovered the bat in the water, bedraggled and unresponsive. The table was up against the wall of the house, so I suspect that something had gone wrong as he either arrived or left his roost under the tiles, and landed in the water when he fell. Amazingly, he was still alive, and by the time I arrived to collect him, he had dried out, warmed up and was feeling feisty – I could feel the nip he gave me through my gloves! 

He is a male Common Pipistrelle, and has been named Batmatix by the young people of the house who found and rescued him (and have been reading Asterix, hence the name!). He doesn’t have any visible injuries, weighed in at 3.8g (which is ok for this time of year) and took to eating mealworms with immediate enthusiasm. He was so bitey – grabbing the pipette with the critical care fluid in – that he grabbed the headless mealworm from the tweezers and ate the whole thing (rather than the revolting ‘squeezing out the middle’ process that we bat carers usually go through at the beginning…), and ate a hearty meal after that. He was very content to sit still for a picture, so here is a rather lovely (though I do say so myself ) shot of Batmatix the pip. Video to follow later!


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