#Project365; Day 351. Fieldfares.

It’s all about the birds at the moment! Finally we got some actual snow today, after a week of being promised snowmageddon and actually getting snizzle – a word I coined yesterday to describe the drizzling/mizzling snow that’s all we’ve had. We’ve been putting loads of food out for the birds, but generally we don’t get a huge variety of species visiting (we have a LOT of cats in the neighbourhood, which probably doesn’t help). Today was a treat, then; we’ve had fieldfares hanging about. We’ve had them visit a couple of times before, but only ever when it snows. They are only usually driven into gardens (they are birds of the fields and hedgerows) by severe weather.

Our blackbirds kept trying to drive them away, but it was a treat for us to see this stunning bird close up. 🙂




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