#Project365; Day 350. A pair of robins!

Now this isn’t a great photograph, but it’s wonderful to me, because it captures an exciting thing… we have a robin pair who have claimed our garden as their territory!

We’ve had a robin as an infrequent, and then more frequent, visitor for quite some time, but after a really promising start when we had our open fronted nest boxes occupied by first wrens and then robins, we haven’t had any nest box occupants for years. This year we’ve re-sited one of the boxes onto the opposite fence, and left loads of cover over it; ivy, winter jasmine, passiflora etc.

We’ve had a robin visiting much more regularly over the last couple of months, and then a big upsurge in sightings during the cold snap. We were pretty sure that we’d seen a second robin, too – this is a big deal because robins are hugely territorial, so you only see two together if they’re pairing up to raise a family. It’s now very definite, and they seem to have claimed our garden as their territory – they hang out here pretty much constantly, including finding a favourite perch to doze on, prominent points from which to signal their territorial rights (with much singing and bobbing up and down), and many sources of food and foraging. The sightings of them together got gradually more definite; from seeing a fleeting glimpse of the second one, right through to seeing them sit closer together as they learn to tolerate the other in their space. Normally, a robin seeing another robin in its space would chase it off very ferociously, and both of them are reacting in exactly that way to the dunnocks and various tits who are regularly visiting at the moment.

So this snap today, of them in the same camera frame, was something special. They are now very frequently in the garden together, and I frequently see them going in and out of the curtain of ivy/jasmine/passiflora that cloaks the nest box. I have everything crossed for them using the nest box!!



3 thoughts on “#Project365; Day 350. A pair of robins!

  1. It would be great to have robins nesting. I have seen in the past two robins on our patio and I could never understand it. Duh! Now I know what that means. At the moment our sparrows etc. gang up on the robin. He gets what he needs but he cannot rule the patio like he used to be able to in years gone by. Amelia

    • Out of the breeding season, it’s really rare to see two at once. Even when they paired up at the beginning of this spell of bad weather, they’re so territorial that to start with you’d only see them a good distance apart. It’s only in the last week or so that they’ve gradually come closer together, and today I saw them side by side for the first time, eating from the same feeder. Our robin(s) chase off most of the other birds; they take particular exception to the dunnock!

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