#Surrey365; Day 266. Red Kite.

One from last week, on a sunnier day. I went to the site of an overnight heath fire to see if any critters needed rescuing/relocating. The pair of kites were cruising low over the scorched area, scanning for the same things as me (but with different intentions… 😉 ). Much less fire damage than I expected, luckily, so nothing had been harmed.


5 thoughts on “#Surrey365; Day 266. Red Kite.

  1. Were you lying on your back for this one? LOL Beautiful shot. I love how the light is catching it’s tail and belly.

  2. These kites are now spreading so fast since their (re)introduction. Last year I reported a pair flying above Chicklade (Wilts) – at that time the westernmost sighting. Very fine birds… but I wonder if, despite being (mainly?) carrion-eaters, they actually scare off smaller birds simply through being large raptors? RH

    • I only saw the first ones in this area about two years ago, but since then they’ve become a regular sight in Surrey. Before that we only really saw them around the M40/M4 corridors. They’ve been a big success story, though. I reckon the small birds quickly work out that they (and the equally lazy buzzards) aren’t much of a threat.

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