#Project365; Day 248. A family of swans.

This morning was so beautiful that I headed out early to make the most of the warm early light. There’s a medieval bridge on the road to Elstead ( I was heading for Thursley NNR, as usual šŸ˜€ ) called Somerset Bridge, which crosses the meandering Wey, just downstream of a little weir. It’s a beautiful spot, and I always glance left and right as I go over it. Today, the sight was enough to get me to pull over and rush back with my camera. The low morning light was illuminating the autumn colours and the mist rising off the water, and there was a family of swans in the shallows. Four teenage swans is a pretty good brood to have raised to fruition; well done those parents!

Whilst checking the name and finding out more about the history of the bridge, I found myself at the wonderful ‘The Wey Valley’ website yet again. In the years since we moved here, when researching the area and the background to things I’ve photographed, I’ve found myself here again and again. It’s a fantastically interesting and informative site.


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