#Project365; Day 247. A Lichen Goblet.

Useful for drinking wine or mead from if you’re a very tiny fairy/goblin/elf, or maybe that tiny insect sitting on its rim. I’ve spent ages trying to identify this, as I’ve never seen such a bright turquoise squamulose coating on one before. No luck though; I’m barely less confused than when I started. I have, however, wasted a couple of hours learning what terms like podetia, soredia, apothecia and squamulose mean. Those are hours I’ll never get back (I wouldn’t mind if I remembered them all, but that’s unlikely). 😉

It’s another Cladonia, of that I’m (fairly) confident. I think it’s probably Cladonia diversa, but I’m very likely to be wrong. 😀


One thought on “#Project365; Day 247. A Lichen Goblet.

  1. Having looked this up, I admire your staying power! There are so many of these tiny lichens, it would take days to look at all of them! Whatever it is, it is fascinating.

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