#Project365; Day 246. Common Darter Dragonflies.

This was taken a week or so ago, so I’m not sure if they’ve been killed off by the frosts we’ve had, but common darters are often seen well into November – some of the latest ones to be out and about, still. I can be sure that these are common darters (as opposed to ruddy darters or a vagrant species) due to the yellow striping on the black legs of both sexes.

Ooh, I sound proper knowledgeable saying that. You wouldn’t know I’d spent ages trying to make sure of that, would you. 😀

These two aren’t in a full mating circle; she would have have the tip of her tail up against the base of his. The first few pictures I snapped, she did have, so I think they have finished actually mating, but as is the case with quite a few species, he intends to keep a firm grip on her neck until she has oviposited (laid her eggs) in the pools. It’s a way of making sure that no opportunistic males take his place (in every sense of the word!).


2 thoughts on “#Project365; Day 246. Common Darter Dragonflies.

  1. Typical territorial male! I hope she laid her eggs safe and they survive the winter. Apparently, if the weather forecasters are to be believed, we are in for the coldest winter in seven years.

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