#Surrey365; Day 150. The wonders of bat care.

On Monday, Whisky was so weak that when I put him into a vivarium (after hydrating and feeding him, and examining him) set up in the usual way – tea towel draped up and over the side for them to crawl up and hang from, food, water and a coconut shell for shelter – I twice found him on his back on the floor, and once hanging the wrong way round from the towel by one claw, too weak to right himself. Luckily I was checking on him every few minutes so he wasn’t indisposed for too long! He ended up on a flat tea towel on the tank bottom (nothing to climb up) with a flannel over the top for shelter, so that there was nothing he could fall off or get stuck on!

The second picture was taken yesterday, when he settled on the wall (as in the video I posted yesterday). What a difference!


2 thoughts on “#Surrey365; Day 150. The wonders of bat care.

  1. What a change you have wrought in this dear little creature! He really is too cute for words – you will be really sorry to see this one go, when he’s up to weight and ready to go.

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