#Project365; Day 149. Flying Whisky the Whiskered Bat.

What an astonishing difference between Monday, when I had an almost-dead little bat who I couldn’t see lasting the afternoon, let alone the night, and today, when this irrepressibly lively little lad was flying round my living room. πŸ˜€

The first video is where he has landed on the wall, with one foot hooked into the same imperceptible crack as my BLEs found. He’s scrabbling determinedly to find a second foothold, and he eventually does; he then settled down for a nice snooze, and stayed there for an hour or so until I had to get him down and put him back in his flexarium so I could go out. That’s a very brave spider, by the way; he surely must realise that that would be one MEGA prey item! πŸ˜€

The second video is of him flying. The focus isn’t the best, but you can see how he flies; less fluttery than the pips, and no hovering like the BLEs.


6 thoughts on “#Project365; Day 149. Flying Whisky the Whiskered Bat.

  1. In the first video it looked slightly like the bat had a claw caught in the spider web, because the spider bounced every time the bat shook his leg, and bats can easily get caught in spiderwebs if they are small and the spiderweb is strong.

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