#Project365; Day 146. Whisky the Whiskered Bat.

He survived the night! He rallied a little in the evening, and I got up in the middle of the night to check on him and give him a feed, and he seemed in much better shape.

He’s looking a bit livelier today, and moving better, though he’s very much favouring one arm over the other, and can’t extend that wing fully. Maybe he was struck a glancing blow by a vehicle, or caught in its slipstream and blown into something. I started him on antibiotics yesterday because I was concerned he had an infection, and he seemed to respond quite quickly to that. If he’d been injured and unable to fly, he’d get dehydrated and prone to illness/infection pretty quickly.

He’s eating more at each feed now, and is a lot stronger than yesterday. I’ve removed a dozen or so bat ticks from him, which he let me do with great forbearance. The horrible little bloodsuckers will have been making him feel weak and rotten, so hopefully that’s improved things too.

Here are a couple of short videos of him. He really is a gorgeous little creature!


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