#Surrey365; Day 135. Wood Ant Teamwork.

I find ants (and other insects) fascinating, as long as they don’t touch me (insect phobic reaction, which I’ve worked very hard to get over). I came across these wood ants working together to move this dead bumblebee back to their nest. I have to admire their teamwork and industry.

It’s a bit gruesome, but it was amazing how quickly they were moving it, and how co-ordinated the effort was.

3 thoughts on “#Surrey365; Day 135. Wood Ant Teamwork.

  1. I think insect phobias occur in childhood when people around you scream when they see a spider etc. It has taken me a long time to look at insects differently. Incidentally, I did not pass this onto my children but it was really hard to say, “Wow, look at this really interesting spider”, hoping that it would not make a move towards you. I was so proud when my daughter told me she had held a Tarantula during a zoo visit (show off!). Amelia

    • All power to your daughter! I’ve really worked at it, and am ok at watching most things as long as they don’t actually touch me – my primitive brain takes over very swiftly at that point! 😄 Some spiders I still have a very visceral reaction to, though, despite thinking they are fascinating and amazing creatures.

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