#Project365; Day 130. Dartford Warbler

I was wandering Witley Common on the lookout for reptiles today, and instead my attention was drawn by rustling and flitting in the heather, and a strange, croaky little call. After seeing a dark, long-tailed shape bobbing up occasionally, I figured it must be a Dartford Warbler, so I got very excited trying to get a picture/video. They’re fast and shy, so the photos aren’t very good, but here it is. There are two of one perched, and the other is even worse terrible quality, but I liked it because its eye is framed by a circle cut out of a birch leaf by a Leaf Cutter bee.

I suspect there may be a nest nearby, as a couple of (tantalisingly, infuriatingly) unfocused shots show it with a beak full of caterpillars. Dartford Warblers nest low down in dense heather/gorse, so I might go back this week and just sit quietly nearby hoping to get a decent shot.

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4 thoughts on “#Project365; Day 130. Dartford Warbler

  1. Do you think the one you caught in the leaf circle could be one of the young ones? Its beak looks still so yellow at the corners. Those little birds can be fed out of the nest for some time by the parents. If there were a family nearby it would be hard to see which one was coming in and out of view. Amelia

    • I hadn’t noticed that, Amelia – you are eagle-eyed! I looked them up and they do seem to have a yellow edge to their beaks, so I’m not sure. I went back in the hope of seeing them again but no sign, which would support your theory that it was a parent and fledgling. There were two birds flitting about, certainly.

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