#Project365; Day 127. Introducing Bas the Bat.

A video to make up for yet another missed day yesterday. This is Basura the Brown Long-eared bat, who came into care a few days ago. He was found under a bin – hence the name, which is Spanish for bin – and was collected by another carer who brought him to me because he needed antibiotics. He’s been attacked by a cat and has very severe tears to the wing membrane on one side.

He was such a placid, calm little chap when he came in; after he’d overcome the initial flight paralysis that is common with this species (they just ‘play dead’ and won’t respond to anything), he drank eagerly and took a whole mealworm the first time I offered one (often you have to squeeze out the insides to tempt them, to start with!). After a few days of antibiotics and tlc, he’s considerably more lively and is living up to the BLE’s reputation as a very wriggly, slippery, lively bat that hates being handled! He was very happy to sit in his coconut and be presented with his dinner, and learned to help himself from the dish really quickly. Now that he’s getting used to his new surroundings, he’s very keen to explore, and caught me out today when he launched himself unexpectedly from the coconut, mealworm clamped in his jaws, crash landed on the floor and scuttled across the rug like a sprightly little mouse, still clutching his mealworm. 😀

I don’t know that he’ll ever be able to fly well enough to be released, but time will tell. He’s certainly going to be in rehab for a pretty long time.

4 thoughts on “#Project365; Day 127. Introducing Bas the Bat.

    • He was a bit of a badass, RH – when he first came in he was such a calm little chap, but once he started feeling better he was quite a handful. I called him the fastest bat in the west; I’ve never seen a bat move so fast!

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