Surrey365; Day 94. A bite of the cherry.

Or rather, a peck of the cherry. The fruiting of my neighbour’s cherry tree is a very busy (and noisy!) time in the garden. A variety of birds come to feast, mainly corvids. Crows, rooks, magpies and jackdaws fill the branches, fill their bellies and fill the air with their strident calls. They’re joined by birds big and small, from blackbirds and starlings down to tits and sparrows. Here are some rooks and jackdaws sharing the spoils.


3 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 94. A bite of the cherry.

  1. My eye is really drawn to this image. The composition is very pleasing and the clarity of colour and form intrigues me. Did you use an effect to get that painterly quality?

    • Thank you, Faith! 🙂 I tinkered with it a little in post-processing; so the programme that came with my camera allows me to alter the white balance and exposure compensation – the settings that you can do on the camera for each photo, but that it’s often much quicker for wildlife stuff to point and shoot and then alter those settings post- rather than pre-shooting. I also often crop the picture to get the exact composition I want, which I did with this one. On this particular shot, I lightened the shadows a bit to bring out the colour of the leaves and a bit of the detail on the black birds. That’s what gives it the painterly quality, I think – it’s that I lightened the shadows by a fraction, and toned down the highlights by a fraction, too.

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