Surrey365; Day 90. A fond farewell to Boris and Beryl!

At times last week, when it was taking me an hour to catch them, it felt like this day would never come! But last night was finally the night; the weather conditions were right to say a very fond farewell to Boris and Beryl the BLEs, and wish them good luck back in the wild. As I explained in this post, we’d decided to release them together, and the roost where Beryl was found is ideal; acres of unspoiled habitat, no cats, lots of mature, native trees (which support the most insect life, especially oaks). The clock was ticking, as I’ve got a strong feeling that Beryl is pregnant – she’s feeling very round indeed! We were waiting for the high winds we’ve had lately to die down, and for a few nights of clear weather to be forecast so that they can get a good start on getting back into the swing of hunting for their food.

We arrived around sunset and waited until we saw other bats emerging from the roost, before releasing them. I’m pretty sure it was Beryl who went first (she’s noticeably bigger than Boris). Boris seemed a little more hesitant, but as soon as I went to pick him up, he was off! We watched them hunting for a while, and wished them lots of luck. 🙂

Here are some pictures to remember them by. Boris was such a comical little lad, and Beryl always looked so resigned as he clambered all over her. He looks like he’s grinning in these. 😀

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4 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 90. A fond farewell to Boris and Beryl!

    • Amelia… no, I don’t think Boris is responsible in this instance! Bats mate in the autumn, but the egg is not fertilised until the spring (delayed implantation). So if she was pregnant, it’s likely to be from last autumn. Also, we think Boris was last year’s young, so it’s unlikely (though not impossible) that he would be ready to breed before this autumn. Beryl was feeling very round and firm in the lower abdomen, and had gained quite a lot of weight. Mind you, I know the feeling, and I’m definitely not pregnant… 😄

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