Surrey365; Day 71. Bat buddies.

A few days ago, I introduced Boris the BLE to Beryl the BLE, in the hope that being with her would calm him down a bit. It did, a little, though he’s still a right tricksy little bugger. He was steadfastly refusing to eat, despite my best (and very prolonged) efforts, but when my mentor Steve dropped by, of course he behaved perfectly and ate heartily (Boris, not Steve – Steve was perfectly behaved but did not eat anything 😉 ).

The good news was that being with Boris seemed to galvanise Beryl into action; that night she flew better than she ever had, and stayed up for over ten minutes. They snuggle up together, and both sets of feet quickly appear in the top of the coconut shell when I return them to their tank.

Usually Boris wants to burrow under Beryl whenever possible – he seems to feel more secure when he’s hiding behind her – but I took this after I got him out to give him his antibiotics this morning and then returned him to the coconut. She’s all sleepy and unaware, and he looks like he’s cuddling her. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 71. Bat buddies.

  1. That is so sweet. It must feel wonderful to know that your efforts have resulted in not only survival, but possibly a romance!

    • A couple of carers reckon Boris might be last year’s juvenile, Amelia. I did wonder whether Beryl might be elderly, hence her being thin and grounded, but I’ve no particular reason to think that. They love cuddling up together. 😍

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