Surrey365; Day 68. Boris the BLE.

Another Brown Long Eared Bat, a boy this time, handed into a local vets after apparently being found on the pavement. Unfortunately, the finder wouldn’t leave any details, so we don’t know where he was found, and therefore where to release him. He’s got a few little pinprick holes in his wings (often a sign of a cat attack), so he’s on precautionary antibiotics, but he seems to have no major injuries and is able to fly. He’s not at all keen on being handled, and alternates between playing dead and making sudden and spirited attempts to escape. He’s keeping me on my toes, that’s for sure. 😀


4 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 68. Boris the BLE.

  1. You are for sure the only chiropterologist I know, Lucy – and I had to look it up to see what a the technical term was. Not to be confused with chiropodist, obvs…

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