Surrey365; Day 67. Bat on a wall.

Beryl’s doing very well in terms of eating; she’s feeding herself now, and although she very much prefers the waxworms, still, she’s even eaten a few mealworms too. Her flying’s not so good, unfortunately; she won’t stay up for more than a minute or two, and just wants to land as soon as possible. She does make me smile, though – she can land on a sheer wall and find the finest crack in the plaster to hook her feet into. Here she is hanging up very neatly on the imperfections in the plaster. I love how her feet are so neatly together, and also that strange little O (but with a neck/jug/funnel) between the base of her ears – what’s that about? They are such fascinating creatures.



6 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 67. Bat on a wall.

  1. Lucky Beryl to have you bring her back to health, Lucy. You are doing such a great job – keep up the good work. With love, Val and Susie (Metcalf) XXX

  2. She is so cute but as she was starved, I suppose the lack of protein means she has not yet built up enough muscle to support any longer periods of flight. It is good she can feed herself. Amelia

    • That’s a very good point, Amelia! She’s feeling much rounder now. She can fly well when she wants to (stayed up for ten minutes once!) but she prefers to land on the smoke alarm and hang there grooming herself. 😄

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