Surrey365; Day 55. Beryl the Spiderbat.

Beryl the BLE must be feeling a little better today, because after she’d had her lunch she decided to test her wings. After a couple of circuits of the room, she landed on the wall. Amazing how she can cling to the tiniest imperfections in the plaster; my pipistrelles didn’t ever do that in all the hours of flying in this room.

She’s still not feeding herself, but I got some wax moth caterpillars today, and she’s rather partial to those. She seems quite content to be fed now, as long as she’s held quite firmly in my hand. When she’s had enough, she very thoroughly wipes her chin clean on my glove. 😀


5 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 55. Beryl the Spiderbat.

  1. She’s lovely! Are spider bats indigenous to the UK? I never knew we had long eared bats there…

  2. She is lovely. Whe you see them much like that you ca udrstad what a importat itegral part of the eviromet they are. (I hope you uderstood that, sorry. Waitig for my USB keyboard.) Amelia

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