Surrey365; Day 54. Batty update.

An update on the beautiful brown long eared bat who came into care yesterday. Beryl (or Boris – not entirely sure whether she’s a she or a he, yet!) is hanging on so far, thankfully. She’s very good at playing dead (fright paralysis, to give it its proper name) – she certainly had me convinced yesterday when she went completely limp and still! She tried the same tactic when I tried to feed her today, but I’ve had a bit more success this evening, so I really hope she’s turned a corner and will start eating properly now.
She was found grounded in a workshop/barn, at a known roost site. She doesn’t have any obvious injuries, but she feels terribly bony and thin and is very light.  No cats around, so hopefully no internal injuries or infection brewing. She has her gorgeous ears extended a lot of the time, which isn’t a very good sign in long eared bats. On the other hand, she can fold them back when she wants to, and she’s the wriggliest bat I’ve handled (when she’s not pretending to be dead!) so fingers crossed she pulls through. Here are a couple of pictures of her from when I examined her, and a couple of short videos of her feeding and grooming. She had quite a few parasites (you can see a couple in one of the wing pictures), so hopefully that thorough grooming she’s giving herself in the video means that she’s feeling a bit better and wanting to get rid of them.

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3 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 54. Batty update.

    • They won’t be helping matters if she’s got a lot of them. It’s a vicious cycle – if she’s too weak to groom, she can’t get rid of them, and if she can’t groom them away, they’ll make her weaker. Hopefully as she gets stronger, she’ll groom more.

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