Surrey365; Day 52. A bit of bee lovin’.

Very special moment today; the male red mason bees (Osmia bicornis) have been hanging around their nest tubes for the last few days, checking the entrances constantly, like children asking whether it’s time for the party to start yet. Today, a new face appeared; the all-black face of the Osmia bicornis female. She wasn’t willing to come out, at all, but she was willing to be courted by the male: her face filled the hole in the plaster and the male got right up close to her – I’m not sure what he was saying, but there was a lot of antennae action, and every so often she’d put her formidable jaws into action and he’d leap back, seemingly chastised. It was fabulous to watch, that’s for sure. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 52. A bit of bee lovin’.

  1. That’s a wonderful video. It is the most gentle courting I have seen in bees but I think that is because the female has the unusual advantage of still being completely protected by the bamboo. Wait till she decides to come out. Amelia

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