Surrey365; Day 48. Red frogs.

original_red_frogWhen we moved here in summer 2009, the first thing we did (before we even moved in) was build a pond in the garden. Within a couple of weeks, the first frogs appeared, one of whom was a very large and strikingly coloured female. She was brick red; the first red frog I’d ever seen, and considerably bigger than any of the other frogs. She stuck around for years, appearing at breeding time every February/March without fail, and we’d see her intermittently throughout the year, too. Last year we found her dead in the pond at the end of the breeding season, and since she was a (very) fully grown adult when we first saw her, we figured she’d had a pretty long and happy life.

Today, this bright orange little frog hopped past me in the garden. I’d like to think that it’s one of our original red frog’s offspring, carrying on the brightly coloured line. I hope this one lives as long as its mother. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 48. Red frogs.

    • There’s a lot of colour variation in common frogs. Red ones are more unusual, but it’s still a recognised colour. The first time I saw our original one, I thought there must be something wrong with her!

  1. What a pretty frog. Maybe it will get darker in time. How long do frogs typically live? I’ll have to Google that!

    • Six to eight years or so, if they’re lucky and avoid predators. They’re a little bit more conspicuous when they’re bright like this, so I think our original female did well to last for so long.

  2. Wonderful. I like a well stocked, healthy garden pond. I’m not allowed to have one in my garden; my wife says I have enough ponds on the marsh. I think she feels that a pond would be the first step in the creation of a garden marsh, and she is not having any of it.

    • You could try sneaking in a bog garden, Mike – see if she notices! 😀 We built a little pond in the last place we lived, and the landlords insisted we fill it in when we left. So the first thing we did when we bought this house was build a pond, and moved the contents of our old pond (a few thousand tadpoles) down here. We did several runs in a hired van full of ten litre pots of pond water. True pond dedication!!

      • My house is built on sand and my wife would notice straight away, particularly if she realises I am spending time in the garden without the sound of a mower accompanying me.

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