Surrey365; Day 46. Our wildlife stack.

I’m very excited that we have a bumblebee nest in the garden! There will be more to follow on that, but for today, here’s a wee tour of our wildlife stack/bee home/insect hotel/whatever you’d like to call it. There’ll be a post to follow on the making of it, for anyone who’d like to do the same. There’ll also be a video of where the bumbles have made their nest. For now, here’s this. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 46. Our wildlife stack.

  1. I have had a bumper year for my Osmia cornuta, which you will not get. However, I am seeing very few Osmia bicornis which should be your first and plentiful Osmia. Are they late this year? Is it a bad year for Osmia bicornis? Amelia

    • I haven’t seen any females (and am not very good at recognising the males) so far. I had great hopes for the nest tubes that were filled last spring/summer, but hardly any of them have holes, and most of those that do have really tiny holes that I assume are parasitical wasps emerging. I thought the warm spell a few weeks ago would bring them out, although it’s been cold since then. It was May and June last year when all the nest building activity was at its height, so maybe it is still early? There’s so much I don’t know!!

    • They’ve arrived/emerged!! I was excited to see a hole in the seal of the tube I photographed the female sealing up last June, and have just spent a happy hour watching them buzzing around the wildlife stack, and one was going in and out of that particular tube. They’re a gorgeous, deep red with blonde furry faces. 😀 Photos to follow!

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