Surrey365; Day 44. Currant galls.

Another type of gall; the Currant gall, caused by the wasp Neuroterus quercusbaccarum. This is another wasp with two distinct generations; these redcurrant-like galls on the oak catkin produce a generation of sexual males and females in late summer, which mate and produce eggs which are laid on the underside of oak leaves. These instruct the tree to produce the tiny and fabulously named Spangle galls. These fall from the tree in autumn, and in the spring the asexual generation of females hatch and lay their eggs in the catkins or leaves, beginning the cycle again.

Here’s a pair of developing galls on a leaf, and a pair on a catkin. I like the detail of the venation and cells of the young leaf on the first pic, too. 🙂

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