Surrey365; Day 42. How did I not notice these before??

I like to think I’m fairly observant when I’m out and about in nature. So how on earth had I never noticed an Oak Apple until a few days ago, when now they are everywhere I look?? I’ve noticed Marble galls before, and read about galls, but these are so large and colourful, I just can’t believe I’ve missed them. I think this must be an especially prolific year for Oak Apples, because today when I walked at Frensham (with the intention of looking for galls to photograph), the trees are covered in them! This particular tree looked like an apple tree at harvest time.



6 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 42. How did I not notice these before??

  1. You haven’t noticed them before because the female wasp only recently laid her eggs in the developing leaf buds!

    • I meant in all of my nearly-44 years, Faith! I’ve been enjoying nature for many years, and never noticed this particular type of gall before, which is surprising to me, since they’re quite eye-catching!

    • 😀 On the heathland where I walk, the oaks tend to be quite stunted and scrubby; the advantage of this is that the branches are much lower to the ground than usual, and give a good opportunity for close examination.

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