Surrey365; Day 31. Batty goodbyes.

I’m a trainee bat carer with Surrey Bat Rescue, and have had two bats in care all winter; Barry, the Common Pipistrelle, and Flighty, the Soprano Pipistrelle. I posted about Barry here, and Flighty was found in December, grounded and underweight. They’ve both done well over the winter, and in the last couple of months I’ve started flight training them for release. Barry has done brilliantly, and was totally ready to go; he was released a week or so ago. Flighty, unfortunately, has not lived up to his name, and just can’t fly for long enough at a time to make release a viable prospect for him at the moment. He’s therefore going to live with the very capable and experienced Steve, my mentor at Surrey Bat Rescue. I’m dropping him off today or tomorrow, so today’s post is a recap of some batty moments with my two boys. 🙂 There’ll be more to come this season, no doubt, so I’m sure I’ll be batty again soon. 😉

Here are some videos and pictures. There’s a video of Barry here, and then there’s this one of Flighty…

Here’s Barry and Flighty meeting for the first time…

And here’s the pair of them in flight training…

Finally, here’s a very short and rubbish video of the moment of release!

Lastly, a couple of pics of Flighty, and one of my two greedy boys together. 😀





8 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 31. Batty goodbyes.

  1. So interesting! It gives me an idea of all the work you have been doing for the bats. I never realised that they had to have training flights (it makes sense when you thin about it.) They are such appealing little creatures. Amelia

    • 😄 We have a bit of a thing for the name Barry. We called about four of our foster hedgehog Barry-themed names… we had The Barry Bros. (Big Barry and Little Barry), their sister Barisa, and then Barith. We nearly called our dog Barry, too. 🙄

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