Not-quite-Surrey365; Day 21. A Bat in Burford.

Today I was in Burford, near Oxford, meeting my parents. Walking down the busy High Street, I saw something rather unexpected… a bat, huddled in the corner of a window sill. No bat should be in such a vulnerable place during the day, so I knew something wasn’t right with her. I scooped her up and took her back to the car, where luckily I had a little bat cage prepared (I mean, who doesn’t travel with a bat cage ready for use in their car? 😜). She looked very different to my two foster bats, so I knew she wasn’t a pipistrelle. A phone call to the Bat Conservation Trust helpline and 20 miles later, and I handed her over into the capable hands of Oxfordshire bat carer, David Endacott. At first glance, he thinks she’s a Daubenton’s bat. She’s very emaciated, so it’s lucky that I found her. I’ll be phoning for an update on her tomorrow. 

8 thoughts on “Not-quite-Surrey365; Day 21. A Bat in Burford.

  1. Oh, good for you Lucy! Lucky little bat that a bat rescuer was walking by and saw her. 🙂

    So cool!

    I hope she thrives.

    • I’m not sure whether she’s a juvenile, Amelia; David said she was a little small for a Daubenton’s (he wasn’t totally sure of the ID yet). Could just be that she was underweight going in to hibernation and is therefore starved and weak. There’ve been some warm days but chilly nights, so she may have come out looking for food but just not been strong enough to get back to her roost. Where I found her is near the river, which is where Daubenton’s hunt.

    • She is, Marie. Initially I thought she was a pipistrelle, as she looked tiny huddled in the corner of the window sill. As soon as I looked at her ears, though, I realised she wasn’t. Once she was in the container and I could see her properly, it was clear that she’s a bit bigger. She’d be even bigger if she weren’t so thin.

  2. Lucy, how you spotted that tiny little ball of fluff on that ledge, I will never know! However, you did and whether she makes it or not, without you she would never have stood a chance, Well done!

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