Surrey365; Day 6. Raggedy-waggedy wings.

Today looked gorgeous from indoors; bright blue sky and spring sunshine. Outside it was distinctly chilly, however, with a very brisk, cold wind. I was quite surprised, then, to see this butterfly fluttering about in the garden. When my daughter was a toddler, she had a passionate interest in butterflies. The Comma was always referred to as having the ‘raggedy-waggedy wings’. And thus it has remained. 🙂

I couldn’t decide which of these two pics I preferred. The wing position is more pleasing on one, but the other one has the better silhouette, with its alien head shape perfectly reproduced and the wings like the shadow of a big bird of prey. Here are both, anyway.




4 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 6. Raggedy-waggedy wings.

  1. My, that brings back memories! Such a pretty creature (and the butterfly)! I’m surprised one is out and about so early, although the big bumblebees have been busy for a little while now.

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