Surrey365; Day 1.

Each day on my Facebook feed there pops up a photo of the stunning Scilly Isles from @islesofscilly, who are doing a 365 photo project; posting a photo every day for a year. I haven’t blogged much lately, for various reasons, but the idea of doing my own 365 photo project has kept nagging at me, so I’m going to do it, and what better time to start than now.

I know it’s not the beginning of the year, but spring is springing, and there’s so much going on in the garden and the countryside at the moment that I’d like to share. So, I’m just going to start now and keep going. I’ll be posting here, on Facebook, and on Twitter @PhotoForager with the hashtag #Surrey365, and (if I can work out how to use it!) on Instagram.

Here’s today’s photo; a stonechat at Frensham Great Pond. Their ‘clack-clack-clack’ call of stones being clinked together is the soundtrack of a heathland walk. This boy is getting his summer coat on and getting his groove on. It’s nesting time, baby!


7 thoughts on “Surrey365; Day 1.

  1. He’s got his beady eye on you.
    I love to see the buds budding… we are still at -10C with crisp snow here in Ontario.

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