Barry the Bat

Barry is a young Common Pipistrelle. He was found in a pallet of bricks by some builders, who very kindly called Surrey Bat Rescue. As the bricks had been delivered a couple of days before, there was no way of knowing whether Barry had hitched a ride inside or whether he’d chosen it as a hibernation spot since delivery. He’s not quite at the ideal hibernation weight, it’s late in the year (so food is scarce) and we don’t know where he’s come from – bats navigate their local area by known landmarks such as trees and hedges, so if he did arrive with the bricks then he wouldn’t have a clue where he was. Obviously he couldn’t stay there, so he’s going to stay with me through the winter, to be released in the spring. He’s taken to eating mealworms with great enthusiasm, as you can see in the video. 🙂

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