Southern Hawker Ovipositing

Back to the garden, now. Here is a Southern Hawker Dragonfly laying eggs around the margins of our pond. Hawkers are our biggest dragonflies (The Emperor, our biggest dragon, is a hawker) and Southern Hawkers are very impressive creatures in flight. They’re also curious, and will fly right up to you to check you out, which can be slightly disconcerting when they examine you with those enormous compound eyes.

You can see her ovipositor – a specialised egg-laying organ – injecting the eggs into the moss. These dragons don’t lay their eggs directly into the water, instead depositing them on plant stems, moss or stones around the pond margin. As the water level of the pond naturally rises in the winter, the eggs will be submerged when it’s time to hatch, and if not, the hatching nymphs will scent and head for the water.



6 thoughts on “Southern Hawker Ovipositing

    • Thanks Amelia, it’s a real joy when they come back to lay eggs and you know (or assume) that a least some of the ones you watched emerge earlier in the summer have survived to reproduce. We watch enough get picked off by our sparrows just after they emerge, to be very happy when that happens! 😀

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