Hedgehog cuteness

I sometimes foster hedgehogs from Hydestile animal rescue, to ‘soft release’ them; when a hedgehog is ready to be released, I collect them and keep them in a hutch and rabbit run for a week or so that they can acclimatise to being outdoors and the smells of our garden. They are then free to go, but I keep putting food out for them to help them adjust to life in the wild.

This little fellow is very bold and confident, so I let him have a wander around the garden before I introduced him to his new quarters. You could see how much he was enjoying being on grass and exploring the smells of outside. He found a patch of grass with a scent he found particularly exciting (dog pee, I think), and started self-anointing, a peculiar habit that hoggies have. He dug and pulled up some grass, chewed it to work up a good head of saliva, and then started anointing his spines; foaming at the mouth and spreading that foam over his prickles. Hedgehogs do this with novel scents, probably for the same reasons that our dog loves to roll in animal poo; it smells interesting, it disguises their own scent and make them smell like their surroundings. They’re filthy little buggers, but blimey they’re cute! 😀 😀

Here is some video footage of Barith the hedgehog self-anointing.




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