I have a new camera!

For the last couple of years, my camera has been knackered; it still sort of worked, but it started videoing every time I tried to zoom in on anything, and the sensor was covered in crap and I couldn’t get the camera open to clean it. I really lost the joy of photograpy and therefore my interest in blogging. I am so very happy to say that I finally have a new camera! 🙂 🙂

Choosing the right camera, I have discovered, is a process of compromise. First, you work out what it is that you want. Then, unless you have deep and capacious pockets housing a happily bulging wallet, plus a small herd of donkeys to carry all your expensive and enormous kit around… you compromise. Massively.

As I discovered, it is quite tricky to find a camera that can take pictures at less than 3cm from the subject, and also zooms in to at least x20 (as much as my last compact lumix camera did), with a decent wide angle setting (<28mm equivalent) as well. There’s no way I can afford, or carry the weight of, a DSLR with all the lenses that would meet those requirements, so despite the compromise in picture quality, I ended up looking at a premium compact or bridge camera. After exhausting exhaustive research, I settled on the Panasonic Lumix (again) DMC-FZ330. It’s got a pretty small sensor, overall (compared to the DMC-FZ1000 that I was considering), but that’s because it has a x24 zoom (25-600mm equivalent lens), focuses down to 1cm for macro and takes 4K video (from which you can extract 8MP stills). It also has a manual focusing option (huge plus!) and lots of other lovely stuff.

It still won’t be the picture quality that I’d love, but I’m very excited all the same. Here’s a picture from today of a male emperor dragonfly eating a damselfly he’s just caught. Taken at the wonderful Thursley nature reserve, where I also sat and watched (and tried to photograph/video) hobbies swooping and diving to pick off the dragonflies. No decent pictures of the hobbies, but I’m very pleased with this one of the dragonfly.


18 thoughts on “I have a new camera!

  1. Beautiful as always – and so detailed! The colours are vibrant and real and I’m so glad you are back in action. I’ve missed you!

  2. We have had several Lumix over the years and I think they are the best choice in lieu of a DSLR. Kourosh has gone for a Canon bridge but I get very annoyed with it as I like my manual DSLR controls. However, it is his bridge camera that gets taken around as you cannot really go out with a back pack of lens all the time. Hope you will be enjoying your photography again this summer. Amelia

    • Thanks Amelia, it was the best compromise I could find, and does at least have fully manual options and electronic manual focus. It’ll never give the results of a DSLR, but hopefully I’ll get some nice pictures anyway!

  3. I’ve gone back to a Lumix with a Leica lens after a ‘consciously uncoupling’ from a Pentax DSLR. The arrangement was by mutual agreement – we just didn’t understand each other! RH

  4. Good to see you Lucy and glad you got a new camera that will suit your needs! Sure looks like it’s been doing a super job from your recent blog posts I’ve seen.
    I myself bought a SX50 as a refurb from Canon this past fall, it’s amazing what terrific photos you can get from a bridge type camera. Best of luck!

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