Wishing you a Happy Easter/Spring/Eostre/insert your festival of choice… ;-)

A rare post from me, just to wish you all a Happy Easter and greet the arrival of Spring (although looking out of the window today, that might be debatable). Yesterday we walked the dogs to Hambledon church, a beautiful church and graveyard with a 1000 year old yew tree. I’ve written about it before; here and here. As well as the stunning tree, which you can get inside, it has really interesting gravestones with beautiful lichens and mosses.

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day, and being Good Friday, the church had put a display on and there were figures and bible verses around the graveyard. I liked the figure kneeling in front of the yew, as if worshipping that magnificent tree.













10 thoughts on “Wishing you a Happy Easter/Spring/Eostre/insert your festival of choice… ;-)

  1. Such appropriate pictures for Easter! I loved the one of the the yew wood, particularly – it glows. No wonder it makes such beautiful furniture. Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter to you too. Beautiful photos of the start and the finish. We had an amazing day yesterday with temperatures into the 20’s. Today like you is back to cool, dreich weather. Amelia

  3. Belated Happy Easter (let’s put our eggs in the traditional name basket) and, since you are such a scarce presence in Blogsville these days, a very merry Christmas / Noel / Winterval too. RH

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