Spring Garden

Spring has definitely sprung in the garden. The mixture of sun and heavy rain over the last week or two has caused an explosion of growth. In the sunshine this morning, I couldn’t believe how green and overgrown lush everything looked.

I’m a bit softhearted about what I consider to be a weed… if I’m not sure what it is, I tend to give it a chance to show me, and if it has pretty flowers then gets garden space, at least for a while. 😀 I also garden for wildlife, so plenty of overgrown bits to provide cover and shelter. Shame that the slugs and snails seem to be the ones to make most use of this.

I love this time of year. It’s exciting to see which perennials have survived the winter and which annuals have self seeded. The tenacious hop has burst forth again, is climbing up the fence with its sticky tendrils and smothering everything it comes near to. I have to keep unwinding it from the alliums and irises. The aquilega I planted last year have come back very strongly. Love their purple bells. Love the purple in general, actually; there seems to be rather a lot of it.

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12 thoughts on “Spring Garden

  1. With you on weeds – as they say, just plants in the ‘wrong’ place. But conversely I reckon some plants are (ineradicable) weeds in the garden – golden rod and comfrey for a kick-off…

    • Ah now I actually planted comfrey! I think it depends on your soil and surroundings which plants really get a grip. Here it’s mare’s tail (Equisetum) and a plant that I haven’t identified but pops up EVERYWHERE – I’ve pulled many hundreds of seedlings of it out this year already.

  2. The garden looks blooming. I think May must be the best month in the garden, so much is coming up and it is exciting to see the flowers you have forgotten about. Amelia

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