Springwatch (sort of) over here…

I know I hardly ever blog any more (lack of time and camera equipment), but I do still take photos from time to time and mean to post them here. I thought of blogging earlier today (when I looked at pics from last month, more of which below), but especially when I looked at the tv guide and saw that the BBC are doing a Springwatch special tonight: Charles in The Netherlands, it made me think of you! I know you love Spring (and Autumn) Watch, so I hope that this draws your attention to it and gives a little Spring blog from the UK too.

Today I looked again at these photos I took recently of a heron visiting our little garden pond. I love the dozens of frogs who occupy the pond in the mating season, churning up the surface with their madly amorous goings-on. I love the fact that a third or more of the pond is filled with frogspawn each year.

So I’m a little conflicted when I also love seeing a predator use our garden; the heron, a snake-like (I love snakes) master hunter who plucked the frog out and carried it off. I did cringe and mourn the loss of the wee frog, but I figure that the heron has chicks to feed too, and I’m grateful that my garden is a little ecosystem.

Speaking of predators… in the last few months I have seen Red Kites regularly over my home area (and other local areas). Nice to see that this beautiful bird’s range is extending into South Surrey.

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12 thoughts on “Springwatch (sort of) over here…

  1. Interesting about the red kites. They were re-introduced into the Black Isle in Scotland and I’ve seen them there. I think they were introduced to other places at the same time. They should do well in Surrey. I like the initiatives like Springwatch as it gives you a bit of a push. I don’t know of anything similar over here. Amelia

  2. Nice heron, poor frog. Nature red etc… Re Red Kites, they were introduced in the Chilterns in the early 90s, bred well and have spread massively. Now commonplace throughout Oxfordshire, Bucks etc and I’ve seen them several times recently in Wiltshire west of Stonehenge. Not surprised they have reached Surrey. Fine birds, maybe too many now – arguably they should be in wild open countryside not the Home Counties! RH

    • RH for years we’ve played the ‘how many kites can we count’ game on the M40 between Stokenchurch and Oxford, and it’s astonishing how prolific they are now. I’ve been seeing them further south over the last few years so have been waiting eagerly for my first sighting of them here. Saw the first pair about six weeks ago over the house and have seen them quite a few times since – I think they may have found a nesting spot on the Lammas Lands by the River Wey as have seen them there serveral times. I saw one at Petworth in West Sussex for the first time recently too so they’re certainly spreading their range.

  3. Hi Lucy! Yes indeed, I saw SpringWatch, unfortunately only a small part.
    Hopefully more episodes later in the fall.
    Must be impressive, a heron in your garden. During my walks I see them sometimes at a distance in the meadows.
    So you’re blogging again? Beautiful picture series.

    I can not watch ITV in the Netherlands, but I understand that the new Thunderbirds series does not really fall into the flavor of the old (now adult) fans.
    Greetings from the Netherlands, where the temperature is gradually enjoyable (is this good English?)

    • Charles our temperature is gradually enjoyable too! This week has been absolutely lovely and I have finally done my seed planting (a bit late). The heron has landed on the roof several times since to look at the pond, but I think because he doesn’t see any frogs now (just thousands of tadpoles), he hasn’t come down to the pond.

      Thunderbirds… I think it is difficult when they remake any classic series. Styles change and nostalgia counts for a lot when you remember the series you loved – it’s about how you felt about it then and the memories that evokes as well, I think. They may capture a younger audience but I doubt it will live up to the original for the older fans.

      Have you seen that poor old 007 has had to have a knee operation after filming the next in the series. It’s not easy being Bond! 😀

      • Hi Lucy
        Great set of photos again. Love the heron shots – even though it makes me feel sad for the frog – but – it is the circle of life, isn’t it?
        Bond – DC’S Knee operation looks to have been a success as he was filmed/photographed running up and down steps on Westminster Bridge last weekend. This new film looks like it’s going to be a good one – quite a few more locations this time – Mexico, Austria, Rome, Morocco, Tangiers and good old London again. Looking forward to it.
        Please blog more – really love them. All the best, Bob

      • Hello Bob, lovely to hear from you! DC seems to have recovered with Bond-like heroism from his op. Hope it didn’t delay the film production too much – that would have cost them a pretty penny. Lots of media shots of the filming on the Thames; it all looked very exciting.

        Glad you like the blog – I will make a mid-year resolution to resume blogging regularly again! 🙂

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