Dartford Warbler at Thursley

No photography today, as it rained heavily the whole day (mightily depressing to see β‰₯95% chance of heavy rain for the entirety of the daylight hours on the Met Office weather forecast!). These are from last Sunday, when we walked late in the day at Thursley and there were some lovely bursts of warm light breaking through the clouds. I was photographing the dead tree when I heard an interesting bird song and spotted a long tailed little bird flit past me and land in the gorse. Thinking it was a long tailed tit (one of my favourite birds), I (very laboriously, given the state of my camera – lucky it stayed still for so long πŸ˜€ ) zoomed in fully and snapped a shot. On blowing up the photo, however, it clearly isn’t a long tailed tit, but a dartford warbler. Dave Harris of Surrey Bird Club kindly confirmed that for me. It’s a crap quality shot, but the chestnut breast with a buff patch, and the grey head is fairly unmistakeable. This was quite exciting for me as I’ve never seen one despite walking at Thursley many hundreds of times, and having read that they were wiped out there by the big fire of 2006 and some hard winters.

So, a rubbish photo of that elusive little bird, and a few shots of Thursley in a lovely warm light.

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8 thoughts on “Dartford Warbler at Thursley

  1. Well done for the Dartford Warbler! We have some pretty warblers around us that sing so prettily but are amazing at hiding in the bushes. I count myself lucky if I see one. Photograph? No chance! Amelia

  2. Good ‘get’, Lucy. I thought Dartford Warblers were almost extinct. Not in Surrey, obviously. I reckon any shot of one must be a triumph. The Thursley habitat looks very promising for birding. Unless it’s pelting, of course. RH

  3. The Long Tailed Tit is my favorite bird too! But, even though the photo is crap (your words!), the Dartford Warbler is a sweet little thing!

  4. I@m so envious of you, seeing the dartford warbler! We have looked for one so many times there! It’s a good picture, it can be seen quite clearly. The others are lovely, Thursley is such a great place!

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