Returning to the blogosphere.

As my sharp eyed readers may have noticed (thanks for the prod RH 😉 ), there’s been a rather lengthy hiatus in my blog. In fact, I rather lost my blogging mojo.

First off, my camera is up the spout. My Panasonic Lumix isn’t the greatest camera and certainly can’t match a DSLR, but it’s good at macro and it did have the advantage of being easy to whip out and snap a quick shot with. Unfortunately, having developed the exceptionally annoying habit of starting to record video every time I attempt to zoom in or out, it’s now a massive pain in the arse to use. It also doesn’t seem to focus as well as it used to and has marks on the lense that I can’t open the camera body to remove. Bloody frustrating, frankly. So most of the enjoyment has leached out of photography for me over the past few months. Also, I’d like to learn and develop my photography skills more, but I’ve reached a wall of what I’m able to do, photography wise, with a compact. So short of a DSLR magically appearing on my desk (feel free to ask for my address if you have a spare one hanging around 😀 ), I’ve let it all slide.

It’s also been a busy few months and I haven’t had the time for blogging, or for keeping up with others’ blogs either. I reckon it’s time to make space for that again though, so I’m going to make a concerted effort to get back into it. Also, I haven’t heard from one of my most regular commenters, Charles, for months, and I’m wondering how things are in The Netherlands! 😉

Here’s a misty sunset over Catteshall Lock and the Lammas Lands in Godalming to get me started again.



17 thoughts on “Returning to the blogosphere.

    • Mike that means a lot to me actually – thank you! I recently stopped email subscribing to you because for months I haven’t been able to see the actual picture of the post on the emails – don’t have time to click on the link and go there but used to really enjoy seeing your pictures just appear on the emails. Did something change? Anyway, thanks for your comment.

      • On my cronky old laptop, Mike, clicking on an email link involves a minimum of 30 secs of frozen screen and spinning blue circle before the link opens in firefox. Sometimes a lot more. It doesn’t sound like much at all but when I open the laptop and i have thirty – forty emails every morning, it was getting unsustainable to click on all the links to blogs, petitions, etc.. Before, the emails from your blog would have the picture embedded and I would really enjoy seeing them, but that stopped a few months ago, for some reason, and I would just get the title.

        I’m going to start reading blogs I follow in WordPress Reader again, as that’s a more user-friendly way for me.

  1. Hi Lucy! Glad to hear from you!
    I regularly check whether there was an end to your sabbatical 🙂
    I myself have taken a break of one year writing a book about traffic behavior (one of my specialties as a film maker). I also need to start writing again…

    Well, in the Netherlands we have our own problems. Our ‘Sinterklaas’ tradition is under attack. Something like Santa Claus, but more especially for children. But adults ruin nowadays even children’s parties, but I’ll spare you the details ….

    Autumn watch was only one week this year, which was a pity. The money will probably go to the episodes of Doctor Who. I look forward to the Christmas programming from the BBC. Traditionally we stay at home during Christmas, and also enjoy the English television,

    By the way, nice picture! The camera is working properly again?
    Greetings from Charles!
    (No James Bond film set in the area this year? One exclusive picture and you can buy yourself a new camera 🙂

    • Hello Charles!

      Now that’s what I need – an exclusive Bond photo to pay for a DSLR! My lumix is working, but every time I try to zoom in or out, it starts recording video instead. It’s a lengthy process to be able to take the picture but it’s better than nothing so I’m just going to keep trying with it for now.

      I can see by googling ‘Sinterklaas’ and The Netherlands that feelings are running high! I hope that there will be some good quality programming on the BBC for you over Christmas. Do you get BBC4? We really enjoy the drama and documentaries on there, especially the foreign language dramas on the Saturday 9pm slot. Autumnwatch is a short series so I’ll try to bring you a little autumn colour on here instead. 😉

      • I look forward to your autumn photos!
        No, I can not receive BBC4. And the video player on BBC website is blocked for Europe.

  2. That’s a great photograph to start back with. I sympathise with your frustration. Over the years we got through three Panasonic Lumix, we did enquire about repair but the cost of post and repair just did not add up. We really miss them though. My husband bemoans the fact that he cannot get a SLR in his pocket if we are going out in the evening. I am just going to wait until I get a singing and dancing mobile phone that takes marvellous photographs and you just have to connect to the Internet without a prohibitive cost. Amelia

    • Hi Amelia, good to hear from you! Yes this is my third Lumix as well, funnily enough – they don’t seem to last very long, do they. It was the portability of them (and the excellent macro capability) which appealed to me, but maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and save up for a second hand DSLR.

  3. So look what the prod (para1)… er… produced. A new post! That’s good. RH ps I’m a Lumix user, but regretted ‘upgrading’ from an FZ45 to an FZ72 which turned out not to have the Leica lens. Mistake. Good photo with poor lens = bad photo. Sold it and happily back using the old one…

    • Thanks RH, mine is a lowly compact TZ30. Still – would have hoped it’d last a bit longer. Am grappling with the question of getting another compact or a DSLR, and new (compact) or second hand (DSLR). It’s a minefield!

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