Frogspawn Eyeballs!

Last Monday night I heard the frogs croaking in the pond for the first time this year. To me it means that spring is on the way so it’s always a welcome sound to hear. I went down to look the next day to see if there was any frogspawn yet. There were no frogs and no spawn to be seen in the pond, but I was surprised to see several single eggs on the old oak beams which lie along one side. There were two perfectly formed eggs on the top, and another stuck to the vertical surface. I’m baffled as to why on earth there would be just a few single eggs like that, but I’m pretty sure that they are frog eggs… toadspawn is in strings rather than clumps, and newt eggs are much smaller. When I peeled them off and placed them into the pond weed, I found that they were firmly stuck to the wood. If they’d been wiped off a bird’s beak or something, I don’t think they would have been in the pristine condition they were, as even my carefully moving them distorted their shape somewhat.  Maybe the frog was just warming up for the main event?

They put me in mind of eyeballs!

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5 thoughts on “Frogspawn Eyeballs!

  1. That is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. Kevin wonders if they could be toad rather than frog, simply because it would be more likely to be odd ones from a string, rather than a mass?

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