Macbeth village scenes.

The storms just keep on rolling across the UK. It rains and rains and there’s nowhere for the water to go. I walked at Hankley this morning in a lull between storms, and all is quiet on the set. I assume they’ve gone up to Skye for their 5 days of fiming before coming back here. Either that or they thought there was no point filming in this filthy weather.

Monday, though, it was all frenzied filming activity. Hundreds of people on set, both cast and crew. An assortment of animals too; from horses to dogs and even a highland cow. Hard to see much with all the smoke they generate, but here are a few shots.

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10 thoughts on “Macbeth village scenes.

  1. They use the same technique as for the Skyfall production, Lucy. Instead of gasoline, it’s now smoke coming out of the tube.

  2. Thank you for these pictures. I’m interested in the film (that’s how I found your site) but now I’m just as interested in the beauty of images you have captured throughout your blog. Thanks so much–these are very restful after a hard day’s work!

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