Water water everywhere

It just seems never ending!

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15 thoughts on “Water water everywhere

    • We thought of you last night, Charles, as we watched the news pictures of your flood troubleshooter and the huge pumps, etc, that he brought from Holland to help with England’s floods. He has been forbidden to talk to the press – I wonder why?!

      • 55 percent of the Netherlands is prone to flooding, 26 percent lies below sea level and 29 per cent is susceptible to river flooding. Without constant attention to this, we run a risk.

        Our country has learned its lesson in 1953. In addition to 1,800 deaths there were 100,000 people lost their homes and possessions. The flood of 1953 was followed by the construction of the largest defense system to protect against high water in the world (Delta Works). The American Society of Civil Engineers named it one of the seven modern wonders of the world.
        I was not born in 1953 but my mother often told me how people in other parts of the country gave food to the victims. The Red Cross eventually received more food and clothing than they needed. Many older Dutch watch the BBC News these days. For some it will be a shock to see how the cars of the Red Cross drive through the streets of Somerset.
        But there are other countries such as Germany and Austria, where they have had major floods in recent decades. In places where many rivers come together, the Netherlands is still vulnerable. Our King William Alexander, has studied water management…

      • That’s really interesting Charles, and those numbers are shocking. Were their homes completely destroyed? Where did they go afterwards? What a tragic loss of life. We are lucky that there’s been relatively little loss of life here, but people have lost their possessions and of course nobody knows how long it will take for the flood waters to recede and for people to be able to go back to their homes. There is just nowhere for the water to drain to, except eventually out into the sea. The ground is saturated.

      • Lucy, you’re right. My generation learned about the disaster by our parents. They forgot to mention the disaster on the English side. They only had radio so the news was not as extensive as it is now. We already had enough of our own problems, I suspect. But it is striking that so little is known in the Netherlands about the impact of the flooding in England, Belgium and Germany, where hundreds of people were killed. Thanks for bringing to the attention.

      • Charles I’m not surprised that little is known about the impact elsewhere when The Netherlands was so catastrophically affected. Such terrible loss of life. 😦
        I am surprised that we are not hearing more on the news here about how the weather is affecting other countries at the moment. Surely there is flooding in other countries too. Also there is much more attention given by the media to this flooding in the south of England than there was given to floods in the midlands and north of England in summer 2007, where even more people were flooded from their homes. The British news often seems very focused on London and the south east.

      • Yes, in the Zeeland region houses were completely wiped out, and others were almost completely under water. 4,500 houses and buildings were destroyed.

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