Macbeth set photographs

Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon at Hankley and the car park was absolutely packed. It was like Skyfall all over again. πŸ˜‰ Everyone wanted to have a nosey at the set and there were lots of people casually walking their dogs closer and closer until lo and behold, the medieval village was crawling with people wielding their camera phones and peering into tents (there’s nothing inside… I looked, obviously). πŸ™‚ Eventually we were all shooed away by the security guards but it was lovely to get a close up look at the quality of the set construction. As with Skyfall, the attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. The little graveyard with the adorned graves was a particularly creative touch I thought.Β  The late afternoon light and interesting sky lent the whole thing extra drama.

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13 thoughts on “Macbeth set photographs

  1. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for top tip. Hounslows and Mellings went down on Sunday when the weather was looking particularly imposing. did you notice that the berries on the false tree were also false? Even some of the grasses had been added in. We had a lovely chat with the production manager who was so interesting. I love the Atlantic Wall down there too. x

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